HLA 65

Lthium-ion long-reach hedge trimmer


The HLA 65 lithium-ion long-reach hedge trimmer is another innovative product from STIHL’s line of battery powered products. Featuring a 20” adjustable cutter bar from -45° to +60°, it provides an optimum setting for cutting low shrubs, as well as hedges up to 8’ high. With a loop handle and grip hose, it provides variable ergonomic working positions, and its low handle vibrations and low noise makes it a comfortable unit to use, even without hearing protection. Ideal for homeowners or for professionals working in noise sensitive areas. Experience the new long reach hedge trimmer with STIHL’s lithium-ion technology today!

Version Rated Voltage (V) Overall length (in-cm) Weight without battery (kg-lb) Battery life with AP 100 (Min) 1) Battery life with AP 300 (Min) 1) Battery life with AR 1000 (Min) 1) Battery life with AR 3000 (Min) 1) Cutting bar length (in-cm) Price
HLA 65 36 79.1-201 3.5-7.7 60 180 660 800 20-50 Call For pricing

Protection guide

The standard blade protection guide facilitates cutting close to the ground or along walls, protecting blades from damage.

Double-sided blade

Double-sided blade for perfect cuts both vertically and horizontally.

Quick head adjusting

The cutter bar can be adjusted from -45 ° to 70 ° to suit any particular application and can be folded parallel to the shaft for easy transport.

Lithium-ion battery (sold separately)

Powerful lithium ion battery pack compatible with all STIHL cordless machines. The battery pack can be charged several hundred times without the capacity decreasing significantly. No memory effect and constant power while in operation. Allows operation for long periods, just like a gas machine. Available in two performance classes: AP 100, and AP 300. Includes a charge level indicator with four LEDs for indicating the charge level. Rechargeable with STIHL charger AL 100, AL 300 or AL 500

Charger (sold separately)

Three chargers are available: the AL 100 standard charger, the AL 300 quick charger. or the AL 500 Elite charger