14000 LBS Pulling Capacity
165′ of 1/2″ Cable
Tractors with 60-140 HP



Managing the full potential of your forest is easy with the pulling strength of Wallenstein’s FX Skidding Winch. You can now reach the trees you need to cut, even on steep hills or swampland without the need for large heavy equipment. The FX Skidding Winch is the ideal tractor attachment for gathering firewood, clearing dead trees and harvesting premium lumber all while preserving your woodlot. Using a skidding winch is also easier on your tractor by transferring the pulling strain onto the ground with the large blade that anchors the winch.

Pulling Capacity: 14000 lbs (6350 kg)HP Range: 60 - 140
PTO Input Speed: 540 rpmWinch Type: Mechanical, Dry Disc Clutch
Line Speed: 98 - 246 ft-min (30 - 75 m/min)Cable Type: Steel
Cable Length: 165' (50 m)Cable Diameter: 1/2" (13 mm)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 28" x 59" x 80" (71 cm x 150 cm x 203 cm)Total Weight: 898 lbs (407 kg)
PTO Height: 22" (56 cm)Mounting System: Cat II

- Adjustable Snatch Block Pulley System

- Removable Clutch Assembly

- 2 Keyhole Sliders

- Operator's Shield

- Winch Cable & Keyhole Sliders

- PTO Drive

- Rope Controlled brake/clutch system

- Trailer Hitch

- 2 Choker Chains

- Available in these colours : Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Gray, Green, Camo