Fertilizer Applicator Model 1460

Each Farm King fertilizer applicator is perfectly tuned to deliver top-notch performance and dependability. The custom solution tank features a deep box sump, 16″ fill well, and 3″ cam lever quick fill.


The 1460 features a heavy-duty 4 x 6 double frame, twin cylinder height adjust with hydraulic depth control assist, 7.6-15SL adjustable wing gauge wheels, and hydraulic wing fold with 6° down-flex

Model 1460
Tank Size 1600 gallon, stainless steel baffle, 8" deep box sump
Ground Clearance 17"
Transport Width 16' 9"
Transport Height 14'
Transport Length 23' 4"
Coulters 20" ripple, spring-cushioned
Knives or injectors
Hydraulic depth control assist


The Farm King Fertilizer Applicators provide application flexibility with an excellent crop clearance. High crop clearance allows operators to apply timely and effective side dress applications to get the most from their yields.


The 1460 uses a double 4" x 6" mainframe with twin cylinder toolbar lift. The ground contour following toolbar is equipped with hydraulic down pressure assist and wing gauge wheels to assure constant and consistent coulter penetration. The 1460 is available with toolbar widths up to 42.5' and provides ample crop clearance.


The 1460 uses a 1600 U.S. gallon custom tank. The custom shaped tank features an 8" deep box sump to aid in thorough clean out and reduce pump cavitation. The 3" quick fill helps you get back into the field by loading the tank faster.