BGA 85

Powerful battery blower

The BGA 85 blower, powered with the latest in lithium-ion technology, is the perfect tool for use in noise sensitive areas, such as hospitals, public parks, schools, etc. In addition to its low weight and very low vibrations, it features a dual speed trigger switch for an adjustable air stream and blowing intensity, making this blower easy and comfortable to use.

Version Rated Voltage (V) Weight with battery (kg-lb) Blowing Force (Newtons) 1) Air Volume at Nozzle (m3/h) / (cfm) 2) Maximum Air Velocity (m/sec) / (mph) 2) Average Air Velocity (m/sec) / (mph) 2) Sound Pressure Level (db(A)) Run Time (w/ AP 100) (minutes) Run Time (w/ AP 300) (minutes) Run Time (w/ AP 1000) (minutes) Run Time (w/ AP 3000) (minutes) Price
BGA 85 36 3.2-7.1 10 665 / 391 56 / 125 47 / 104 64 Up to 7 minutes Up to 24 minutes Up to 65 minutes Up to 115 minutes Call For pricing

STIHL Electric Motor (EC)

The STIHL electric motor (EC) is extremely energy efficient, lightweight and compact. It runs quietly, generates very low vibrations and does not require servicing.

Multi-function handle

Thanks to the multi-function handle, all the controls can be activated with one hand. The control level allows the user to continuously adjust the engine speed. Simple and reliable operation, no matter whether you are right or left-handed.

Control lever

With the control lever, the engine speed can be continuously adjusted to regulate the air flow. After releasing the lever, the engine stops immediately.

Safety locking button

All STIHL battery products have a locking button with which you can lock the device. This prevents the blower starting unintentionally when a live battery is inserted.

Two-stage axial blower

The two-stage axial blower operates like a fan to eject the maximum volume of high-speed air and produce unparalleled blowing results.

Lithium-ion battery (sold separately)

Powerful lithium ion battery pack compatible with all STIHL cordless machines. The battery pack can be charged several hundred times without the capacity decreasing significantly. No memory effect and constant power while in operation. Allows operation for long periods, just like a gas machine. Available in two performance classes: AP 100, and AP 300. Includes a charge level indicator with four LEDs for indicating the charge level. Rechargeable with STIHL charger AL 100, AL 300 or AL 500

Charger (sold separately)

Three chargers are available: the AL 100 standard charger, the AL 300 quick charger. or the AL 500 Elite charger